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The RENTER acknowledges that the vehicle in question is the sole propriety of the LESSOR (Roulez Passion Inc.) and that the vehicle was in proper and safe working conditions. The RENTER accepts to return the vehicle, in the same condition, at the agreed upon date and time, fully fuelled. A late return fee will apply if the vehicle is returned later than agreed and a penalty fee will apply for any non-respected term of this contract.

The RENTER must show a valid driver’s licence with the appropriate class required for the rented vehicle. The RENTER must provide a photo identification and a proof of private motor vehicle insurance (Endorsement Q.E.F No. 27) covering an at-fault accident with a protection of C$50,000. This coverage is not required for Spyders. A class 6A or 6E driver’s licence is, however, required.

The RENTER acknowledges to be over 21-year old for a Spyder location or over 25-year old for any other vehicles of the fleet Roulez Passion Inc.

The car must be driven only by the people specified in the present contract.

The RENTER commits to obey all federal, provincial, and city laws, and all other bylaws regarding the use or return of the vehicle.

The RENTER is solely responsible for all repercussions, fines or sanctions regarding his failure to obey the laws referring to vehicle use.

The RENTER will not drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, nor will he allow anyone else to do so.

The RENTER cannot, in any respect, alter the vehicle or modify any of its security parameters.

At the end of the rental period, the RENTER agrees to return the vehicle in the same condition he received it.

The RENTER agrees to use the vehicle for personal and non-abusive purposes. The following activities are strictly forbidden:

–        Street racing or closed-circuit racing (lapping);

–        Track racing

All vehicles have tracking systems. A fine of up to C$10,000 can be applied for any breach to this regulation.

The RENTER must prevent vehicle theft or damages.

The LESSOR cannot be held responsible for any stolen objects belonging to the RENTER.

Reimbursement of expenses (in case of vehicle impoundment):

Besides the obligations provided in the rental agreement, the RENTER agrees to pay or reimburse the LESSOR the following fees:

–        Tickets, fines (including photo radars) or penalties related to the rented vehicle;

–        Costs of seizure or storage of the vehicle (in addition to the rental fees covering the duration of the unavailability of the vehicle to the LESSOR);

–        Vehicle recovery expenses in case of seizure (in addition to the administrative fees);

–        Any loss or damage incurred during the vehicle seizure, insured or not by the RENTER’s insurance;

–        Any other fees related to such an event, paid by the LESSOR or required by any third party.

The RENTER must inform the LESSOR of any incident that occurred during the rental period. He must also inform, as soon as possible, the LESSOR of any repair needs that appeared during the rental period. If the RENTER does not fulfill these obligations, he will be responsible for any damage caused by the delay in notification.

The RENTER is not allowed to smoke inside the rented vehicle.

The RENTER acknowledges that the insurance policy has a C$2,500 deductible that the RENTER will pay (liable or not) to the LESSOR following an accident or an abusive usage of the vehicle.

The RENTER must give a security deposit of C$3,000, withheld by credit card, to cover the insurance deductible in case of an accident or an abusive usage of the vehicle.

The LESSOR will reimburse the entirety of the security deposit to the RENTER if the condition of the vehicle is to the entire satisfaction of the LESSOR.

Before and after each rental period, the RENTER and the LESSOR will inspect the vehicle, and both sign the attached inspection document. A measure of tire wear will be done in the presence of both parties. Abnormal tire wear fees of C$200 will be applied per tire, to the exception of normal wear depending on the distance travelled by the vehicle.

This contract becomes effective upon the moment (exact time and date) of the signatures of both parties.

Driver 1 is entirely responsible for the Roulez Passion rented vehicle.

Penalty fees of C$100 will be charged to the RENTER for every hour of delay, exceeding the agreed upon time of return.

I have read the enclosed conditions and I am in total agreement.

Main driver signature: _____________________________________ Date:_________________________