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At Roulez Passion, security, comfort, and quality are our priorities.
This is why each of our cars undergoes a 3-point inspection before each rental.


If one does not fail at times, then one has not challenged himself.

Ferdinand Porsche

What has already been invented belongs to the past, only innovations are worthy of interest.

Ettore Bugatti

Light is Right !

Colin Chapman (Lotus)

Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.

Henri Ford


A service exceeding your expectations

As a result of our satisfaction policy, it is possible to change the date of your reservation in case of rain. Just notify us 24 hr. in advance, and we’ll be pleased to move your reservation to an ulterior date, at no cost.


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Roulez Passion is a company based in the Quebec City area. Its aim is to make your dream of driving a luxury car a reality.

Renting can be a very interesting concept if you do not wish to own one of these prestigious cars. The benefits are numerous: quick access to a luxury car, daily, weekend, weekly, or even monthly rental is possible.

If you are planning to get married, want to please a loved one or yourself, a luxury car such as a splendid Porshe, or a magnificent Corvette to accompany the bride’s or groom’s parents, Roulez Passion, a Quebec City area company, offers you a favorable and interesting solution.

This Quebec City area company is also interesting to anyone wishing to please a relative. You know a loved one who dreams about driving a prestigious car, and several family members want to pitch in to buy a gift certificate for a rental. 
Why not offer a young High School, Vocational School, or College graduate a gift certificate for a luxury car rental? Roulez Passion can offer you this possibility by renting your car of choice.

Roulez Passion is not only for weddings or graduations; you can also dream of renting a luxury car to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion or to treat yourself with something special and unique.

If you represent a company executive, and if you have a passion for luxury cars, why not offer your employees a luxury car rental such as a splendid Porshe for those looking for a rush, or a magnificent Corvette for those looking for luxury, to enjoy the sunny days.

Renting is a way for people over 25 years of age to fulfill their dreams. Furthermore, renting a luxury car can also allow you to experience the characteristics of a specific car before buying it. For example, if you are hesitating between two luxury cars to purchase, and you wish to test the different features of each car (road handling, comfort, visibility, …), Roulez Passion from the Quebec City area can offer you the opportunity to compare by renting these luxury cars.

Renting can also be an opportunity to showcase your company. For example, you may wish to use a luxury car to get to your business appointment. Renting is a practical solution, allowing to you to project a classy image while demonstrating your interest for luxury cars. 
In short, renting a luxury car allows you to rapidly fulfill your dream, to share your passion with your entourage, to offer a unique gift, and to give yourself freedom.

Renting a Spyder, a Slingshot, a Porshe, or a Corvette from Roulez Passion of Quebec City gives you pleasure and happiness, a feeling of vacation when time stands still, and make you appreciate life’s small magical moments. Luxury equals unusual and valuable; why not indulge? It’s a date with Roulez Passion.